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Development Strategy

Strategy of “Astyk Trans” JSC development stipulates the following:

  • Development of transport and freight activities, freight forwarding services, including while implementation of routing traffic across all areas, improving the quality and expanding the range of services;
  • Development of multimodal transportation of grain cargoes, usage of the whole transport sector of the country in order to reduce delivery time of goods and optimize the existing logistic routes;
  • Implementation of a high level of Company’s corporate management;
  • Introduction and development of corporate information management system for effective implementation of economic and financial activities, operational activities, establishment of internal and external data communications;
  • Development and improvement of regional network, national and international representative offices;
  • Implementation of international quality, management and reporting standards.


  • Consolidating efforts to meet the requirements of agro-industrial complex of Kazakhstan in terms of railway rolling stock;
  • Extension of transport services in the market of agricultural goods;
  • Development of transit traffic;
  • Improvement of operational process in transportation and expansion of logistics services;
  • Strengthening and modernization of rolling stock to meet the growing demand for transportation of Kazakh grain;
  • Implementation of an effective tariff policy.